World of Warcraft graphics engine evolutionary history

The Burning Crusade , and not many key technical innovations, but the picture is still equipped with improved in comparison with 1960 . I want to required players left the deepest impression needs to be the effect on the ground from your air , until now I still recall the first time in the wow gold for sale Overlooking the audience below .

Wrath in the Lich King , we ushered map material for leap, even though the fidelity from the model is greatly improved. Now was clearly reflected inside system configuration , the minimum memory requirement doubled , from 512M increased to 1GB, the minimum required memory also multiply each . It now appears that Northrend continues to be most incredible game on earth.

Cataclysm , the greatest water body from a photo upgrade performance. If you want to understand the original Wow cataclysm release, exactly what body of water , the water will only need choices to the minimum . Blizzard seems to have improved your day axis of the game , Up-date subsequently begun to offer the latest DirectX 11 graphics card.

Fidelity on the model is a upgrade , look at the new race werewolves and goblins are fully aware of. Mists of Pandaria , lighting system has been revolutionary technology update. Style of higher fidelity , action is additionally more abundant , including the panda plus the Gallos .

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