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I do believe the leader short stories and some in the older books are good samples of out-of-game lore which might be supplemental and also the “right” way to do it. They’re interesting stories giving you extra insights or histories to characters or events that fill out the entire world and give you extra context for everything, however , you aren’t missing crucial story points if you do not read them.

As opposed, the harder recent novels, which DO contain major story points (therefore sense that “required” reading as opposed to supplemental) are what I’d really like to see them move clear of, or at best mirror the developments in most form in-game. I really like reading the out-of-game books anyways, but it really really should be an incident in which you read them only since you also wish to, not since you worry about unsure what are you doing from the story unless you.

I’m fine with a character having all their story development and action taking in magazines or comics, Whenever they aren’t major important characters to what are you doing hanging around itself (example – if we never much as met Brann in-game, but had a number of books detailing his adventures while they relevant to each expansion, I’d be fine your). If your major players on the game develop the most their development and story happening in an outside source, though, it really is a problem.

I prefer that this bigger events happen in game. There exists a position for the extended media, avoid getting me wrong. But I am the extended universe stuff should supplement the overall game, but not be needed reading if the player wishes to know just the thing the heck is going on.

I’m sure where When i first hit an issue with how Blizzard handles lore was Obsidian Sanctum. If you do not read Night of the Dragon, you needed not context at the time that explain why you had been venturing inside raid instance outside “Black dragon bad, kill him now.” One particular quest saying, “Hey, adventurer? Deathwing’s ex created this new rather dragon and there’s a large black dragon watching more than a clutch advisors within our basement. Mind grabbing 9 or 24 of the friends and doing something this?” could have fixed that. Maybe give a bit of conversation text recounting an abridged version on the book for all really curious, and cheap wow gold is fixed.

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