We have an Xbox despite as being a small PS3 fan boy

We are shocked they heavily promoted the Bale in a very spurs kit cover on the game, especially as a result of the length of time the transfer saga lingered around. I’m sure they must have delayed releasing it till the Window was over.

It doesn’t really matter in retrospect though: The New gen consoles increasingly becoming contrasting covers, not forgetting they’ve already more than a dozen different covers for regional areas so the Bale one was virtually the united kingdom standard edition in the game.Yeah good point. I really enjoy seeing the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins regional cover for the experience in Boston was Chelsea, very strange i really could understand either Manchester club because we’re nearer there than London.

I have FIFA 14, but whatever read is it not a difference for the game on the ps3, but it is a whole lot better around the ps4, well , i could wait to go buy FIFA 14 if the ps4 comes out, but i’ll find the ps3 demo atleast.

We’ve an Xbox despite being a bit of a PS3 fan boy and haven’t exercised the way to do one thing but play games watching netflix. We have the gold thing.The game with the new gen consoles look absolutely fantastic.

I don’t think features wise it would be that much completely different from the sport within the current gen consoles, but graphics wise it’s stunning.Image playing the demo for the last hour.

The ball control thing and shielding the ball seem interesting. The key change I’ve noticed Besides the boost for the graphics is they changed the appearance of the menus.I suppose you know how to be certain you’re signed into you’re Xbox live account?

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