Version update and what it really means for us!

Well, this news is otherwise engaged now about the version update we have been waiting for. They announced it sources that are at Vanadays and I’ve been itching to Buy FFXI Gil and attempt it out.

The biggest deal will be the expansion of past Vana’diel. New areas mean new monsters, new drops, and an expansion on the plot. Any one of the things is cause for excitement, but for getting all three simultaneously is awesome. Plus, they’ve added two new avatars with the summoners out there. For newbies on the Final Fantasy franchise, these guys would have been a nice refreshing change. For veterans just like me, they’re old faces I have been previously missing since XI launched. Odin premiered long ago and has been a mainstay of summons from the time. As part of his early versions, all he did was a one hit kill on non-boss monsters. Later he also gained the chance to deal damage if the quick kill wasn’t possible. Could not wait to find out what he brings to the table this time around. Then there’s Alexander. The first time I remember seeing him was at FFVI (III for many people in america). He was tricky to come by, and the only summon that used Holy (or Pearl, while they referred to it as then) energy. He’s been known dealing Holy damage from the time, always looking awesome (in FFIX he was an entire castle!).

Using the new release I believe I will warn every body around the boost in scams we are going to see. I expect some price fluctuations because that’s just normal when a new challenge drops. The market reacts for a time then things will settle again. However, plenty of new sites will start appearing claiming to undercut your competitors. One problem with this particular is the fact many of these sites are going to be certainly not legit. They’ll reap the benefits of anyone looking to get some quick gil at next to nothing, but is not going to even deliver the goods. People who do manage delivery won’t have identical safety procedures constantly in place to safeguard us buyers from getting suspended. I’m getting this done my old favorites, before hubub has died down slightly. I’m simply not prepared to risk my hard earned cash with an unknown newcomer at this time.

Enough from me! Just go and have fun with the update. Bare in mind to purchase Cheap FFXIV Gil safely.

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