The very first quest on the Sixth Age begins

The gods in Runescape Gold are returned instead of hesitate for a moment to get the inhabitants of Gielinor using their powerful influence for their own reasons! Because the launch of RuneScape 3 last month Jagex has lost virtually no time in presenting the fans now the primary quest for the brand new Unopened era: The finish of chivalry. It really is alongside the heroic Sir Owen to sneak in to the fortress in the dreaded Black Knight high old school runescape gold , to identify a mysterious artifact regarding the powerful god Saradomin.

Along with numerous mysteries await the adventurous and heavy decisions to be taken with caution, since these have far-reaching consequences amongst players world.

Members can also expect some special rewards after passing the quest, say for example a complete set of matching objects, generous portions of Prayer and Combat EP and many more. The adventure may be used by all players in attack, and there is no special requirements and also the difficulty level is automatically adapted towards level of the squad.

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