The PlayStation 12 Days of Xmas FIFA 14 Special Discount Revealed

PlayStation are determined to complete a special games promotional special, and fans of the very popular football game title will be in for a treat. The PlayStation 12 days of Christmas offers are you start with EA Sports Cheap FIFA 14 Coins, and gamers who haven’t yet acquired the experience is now able to do this for half the retail price before Xmas.

Although PS Store page shows the total cost of the action, it’s in-fact half the cost then there’s a slight glitch that needs to be fixed in the next couple of days and maybe even sooner. Players will get FIFA 14 to the PS3 for £24.99, or about the PS Vita for £19.99 respectively.

The promo is only for sale in Europe, so every other continents aren’t going to be entitled to this very special offer. As we’ve stated, the discount is indeed far not showing in any respect, so it’ll nevertheless be costs three hundred dollars the initial £54.99, but that is not what you will be paying so fear not.

The offer was officially started yesterday on the 1st of December, and this will only last prior to the 3rd of December. When you wish to make the most of this terrific deal, then you will want to do something fast in-order to be at half-price.

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