The Military intelligence agency from the 7th Legion

After almost a year of preparation, the military machine of Alliance may be pointing towards heart with the enemy territory. However, Varian Wrynn isn’t going to wish to dispatch any regular army before he grows to the foot of the tale. So it will be time for that 7th Legion showing their ability and talents so you should help them to succeed. After you complete the “Heart of Darkness”, you’ll be sent to aid the spy who’s shipped to profit the 7th Legion (don’t worry, a dwarf named Gerry’s trip will prepare the transport tools in your case). Your mission would be to detect the landing site of naval, learn the weaknesses from the enemy’s to see some great benefits of the landing force. This is to purchase wow gold.

For the help in the 7th Legion you’ll be able to know the dimensions and enemy’s situation and you’ll have in mind the Horde was in fragmented and the trolls have begun to revolt. It will apt to be the chance which you have been waiting for way too long. You’ll be able to create chaos and killing in the enemy’s rear without cost a single soldier of Alliance!

Here, the Alliance players will likely be viewed as the diplomatic envoy to meet while using leader of the uprising. The Vol’Jin of Horde becomes the protagonist of the whole drama. You possibly can win their trust by cunning diplomatic means to be able to botain a potential landing sites for Alliance and make sure the killing relating to the Orcs and trolls. Alliance should never let the chance go. A lot more intense on the Horde’s infighting, the greater powerful will the Alliance have the sport.

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