The linguistic communication process technology

The linguistic communication process technology, that is employed within the analysis and watching on-line conversations for ” ONE STAGE LIVE” and therefore the linguistic patterns studied and learned instead to capture key ideas developed in fourteen years of analysis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (FIFA Coins ). It uses computer science and a information of seventeen million entries for matching public knowledge for text mining . The contents will then be additional filtered by most popular languages ??, and therefore the web site for the social network “ONE STAGE LIVE” is obtainable in six languages ??: English , French, German , Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

In addition, “ONE STAGE LIVE” team profiles with the cadres and therefore the individual players at every of the thirty two soccer groups within the FIFA World Cup ( TM) participate in 2014 and tournament schedules and results, broaden the data of fans on their several groups and at the same time conjointly data concerning the opponents provide . throughout the Games the ” Match Live” during a second window can seem. Here you’ll be able to see the running play then a filtered Livescores real time with comments from fans from Allerwelt .

Sony is convinced that this improved the expertise for all soccer fans. In AN more and more interconnected world, the fans are AN more and more vital a part of the cheap FIFA 14 Coins World Cup ( TM) , notwithstanding whether or not they area unit within the arena or miles removed from . With “ONE STAGE LIVE” Sony sits at the forefront of the Fifa fourteen coins movement towards a united soccer expertise by and for fans.

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