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Cheap rs 3 gold     are here before 19th of February, so be sure to get a rewards until then.
You should be aware: for those who have unclaimed Bonus XP on gloves or boots from a previous year, be sure you claim if before participating in this year’s event – otherwise, it will be lost.

Have a good time, and join the discussion over within the forums.

07 rs  gold

07 rs gold

The RuneScape Team
From tomorrow, you are able to start submitting your RuneLabs ideas. Read Mod Kelpie’s guidelines, in the event you haven’t already, and start planning your first pitch!

Mod Lee is staging a massed assault for the Kalphite King on Wednesday the 21st at 21:00 PST/05:00 UTC on World 51. Visit the Community Events thread for additional details.

The RuneScape News Feed can now be viewed through the lobby.
Look at patch notes for other updates released today.

Because you can take note, some game worlds are receiving intermittent connectivity issues on account of disruption affecting internet visitors our networks.
We’re doing everything we can easily to mitigate any impact on your gameplay. We’re really sorry for just about any inconvenience this is causing.
Whilst this can be ongoing, we advise players avoid risky gameplay activities which may bring about character death if you get unexpectedly disconnected.

If you need to speak to Customer Support, please operate the Support Centre around the 07 Runescape Gold  website.

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