Standard social features available in World of Warcraft

In a press event last week,Blizzard Entertainment showed off several previously unseen features for online action RPiablo III ahead of its upcoming beta phase. Standard social features available in World of Warcraft and Starcraft will be present, including the persistent friends list and a cross- Wow Gold For Sale  game chat system. When it came time to talk about the auction house, Blizzard revealed the massive news of its plans for an eBay-style cash shop.

With practically every game on the market implementing a cash shop, we expected some form of it to appear in Diablo III. Instead, Blizzard is taking a new approach by introducing a player-run cash-based auction house. A normal auction house will let players buy and sell goods for gold, while a second one lets players list items for real cash values. Players can choose to withdraw the money from the game for a fee or keep it in and use it to buy items.

Its an unusual move but not entirely unexpected. The third-party market for items in Diablo II is still a healthy industry over 11 years after the games launch, it inevitable that people would sell Diablo III items for cash. Through the cash auction house, Blizzard will make that market secure and easily accessible in Wow Gold game while taking a cut of each sale. The down side is that the potential for cash does create a huge incentive to duplicate items and run rming bots, a problem that has plagued Diablo II for years. To read more about how the system will work and the reasons behind its development,head over to our sister site Joystiq.

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