Runescape 3 will launch Tomorrow. Are you Ready

Just few hours later, runescape 3 will come to us. We have waited so long, and now the real moment is coming. I am ready to buy Runescape Gold and then to exchange game items. I want to be powerful in the game.

Along with some relatively smoking-hot graphics upgrades and the return of the gods to the game world, Runescape 3 gives players the abilities to shape their world, with a focus on player-created content. Not bad for a 12-year-old browser-based game.

When I was 12 and in middle school. I was the only person in my class that had cable internet, everyone else was still on dial-up so this was the only game we could play together. We’d play it during computer class….on their Windows 95 machines while hamster dance running in the background.

I’ve been signing in once every month or so as well. It’s interesting to see how far it’s come. Sadly, all the major changes are members only. Even as a free player there’s still quite a lot to do, I’d only imagine being a member is overwhelming.

But RS3 looks a hell of a lot better than the weird isometric game I saw my friend play when he was the only person I knew with both a computer, and internet. Course he spent the 1 day we messed around with it trying to find girls to chat with.

I am not going to give up the playing the old school, because I feel warm when I play old school, it can always remind me the old times. I will still spend money in purchasing Rs Gold while playing runescape 3.

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