PTR update inter service e mail account

The account bound items mailed on the same account using a different server roles . Obviously, this could be in the ” Delano ” king planned common heirloom full account prior to wow gold, it allows the ball player for being transferred between different servers heirlooms .

Strategy for sending such messages , along with other similar inter-service communication : the products to send “Player Name – Server Name ” , the other part , and regular mail no difference. You should be aware that only mailing account bound items, other items or gold just isn’t enough.

Example: I have a character named Sal, he Benedictus server , I have to send my heirloom hammer Durotan my trumpet , he Laikansuosi server. Well , i logged Saar this number , then squeeze hammer into your e-mail attachment bar , the recipient write ” Durotan – Laikansuosi ” lastly click send.

I really hope the members can provide us about this feature feedback or submit bug, which we’d be very grateful , and can seek to solve the 5.4.2 patch at risk prior to the relevant issues that may arise . But even if we are really not providing direct feedback , simply join so testing service account bound items mailed across servers is sufficient to impart us with useful data to guarantee normal operation of the feature .

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