old school runescape accounts What’s your favourite part of it

NEW: Feel an affinity with Zaros? Now you can pick up some awesome Zarosian outfits, emotes and teleports with our new Zaros bundle!

Available on Solomon’s General Store,old school runescape accounts, you can pick up 2 outfits – each with a unique emote – an awesome teleport, The Mark of Zaros, and a series of titles you can use.

Zarosians, rejoice! Which gods would you like to see similar bundles for in the future?

 I bought this with Bonds, there goes 50m! But it was worth it! Thanks RuneScape.–Glad you like it, Alex! What’s your favourite part of it?–It would have to be the fact that you can change outfits with an EMOTE!!! It’s so cool!

can you put a loyalty point price equivalent to most items in the store if not all of them? the whole point of loyalty points is to reward players for being a member to the game for years and yet we can’t really take advantage of it and members still have to buy a ton of rune coins for one overpriced item (if they want to I would never buy it I used to buy some spins but that was the worst thing ever) I don’t think members should have to pay for anything more than to just be subscribed and to play the full game, like yea you can keep the buying options but there should be slower but free ways to do everything in comparison to the convenient but expensive ways. my point is though all items in the Solomon store should have the option to be bought with loyalty points because most people have just been racking them up and not using then. I have 318k points and I’d much rather pay 200k points than 1k coins for something.

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