Off of the back of the decisions and opinions we added 07 Rs Gold

Player Power wasn’t practically polls though. Giving you a much better say in whatever we develop meant that we owed it for your requirements to be more open and better at listening.

We’ve made a real effort to be more communicative; seeking your input about the forums, sharing our progress on Twitter, discussing recent updates on Reddit, answering questions in weekly livestreams on Twitch, or taking your feedback in surveys. Personally, I do think it’s manufactured for a lot better collaboration involving the developers plus the players.

2014’s biggest update – the Elf City – was chosen by you within the 1st poll of the season. It was shaped by you through several important polls, then refined by you once we published the structure documents; you can observe them here, here, here, here, and here. Player Power also drove us to cope with the lingering difficulty with combat in RuneScape.

Off of the back of the decisions and opinions we added   07 Rs Gold   a Legacy Mode towards the game, a move which pleased many fans in the older system, and then we also reverted back to the 138 system combat formula which the majority of players preferred.

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