Not Disregard the Intros

The match is getting ready to begin, you are wanting to obtain the season underway or perhaps just to like a good bet on Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins as the team of preference. Then it hits you, this will not the friendly game you thought it would. Now it is really an intense battle that you just must win at all costs, why? Because your opponent is causing you to be watch the painstakingly boring introduction scenes.

There’s little worse than sitting with the seemingly never ending introduction scenes because the players walk jerkily from the tunnel and onto the pitch. For those who have entered an internet match surely you want to play, why then do countless opponents tend to bore all parties involved by not skipping these tiresome images of match balls, referees and useless information about location and match officials.

It’s maddening; by the point the experience does finally begin you happen to be angry and irritated with the rival’s incapacity to press start. Maybe its a trifle petty, but a large number of eager FIFA players will testify to the most hideous of FIFA crimes.

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