Maybe there is a D&D exclusively for 07 Runescape Gold

Can there be however to ‘see’ what those experiences have included? (possibly being an update later on?)
Mod Ana: This isn’t in the immediate plans but when, say, a developer planned to include that included in a pursuit of example then that would be possible.

Maybe there is a D&D exclusively for
07 Runescape Gold 
Mod Ana: Lets hope so! Nothing from the immediate future, but as I said in the previous answer hopefully you like to determine additional content added to Divination as time passes.

Are there any rewards other than exp for turning in Chronicle Fragments?

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Mod Krista: It’s primarily experience however you get a shorter glimpse of a thought from Guthix.

 What is the connection between Orla plus the remaining portion of the Fairweather family (Gertrude etc.)?
Mod Ana: It was actually a whole oversight – there wasn’t an intended connection! But, since a few people asked I believe like there should be something – Orla is Gertrude’s long lost sister, ostracise for liking dogs over cats ;) .

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