Jagex is planning an implementation of Runescape

Runescape will end 4 seasons probably also be readily available for tablet users to download, as developers Jagex announced recently. In addition, one thinks of the British studio spanning a 2007 Rs Gold for implementation of Smart TVs and consoles. However, we may welcome Jagex if Xbox players could cooperate with Playstation users.

Jagex is planning an implementation of Runescape, his most PC-exclusive role-playing game for tablet devices. The tablet version of Runescape will probably be available as being a download inside fourth quarter of 2013, in accordance with latest reports. However, should not only users of iPad and Co. often be a version of Runescape, Jagex tells how developers in accordance with an investigation from ign.com. Accordingly, the studio will also want to provide smart TVs and consoles that has a version of that MMO.

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said, one could also imagine a Free2Play implementation of role-playing game Runescape on consoles. However, it will be a stronger cooperation between your console manufacturers want within this context, Gerhards opinion, “the player community split”. This article on the Runescape plans by Jagex you read on the net at IGN. On our topic page on the browser role-playing game Runescape , there’s much more information and news.

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