Having access to 24 FIFA 14 Premium Gold Packs

To discover the immediate access, those that play Xbox should drive early Access Download From in EA Sports Central. While for PlayStation users, just go the PlayStation Store, click “View All by Title” and choose “Cheap FIFA 14 Coins″.

All subscribers may having access to 24 FIFA 14 Premium Gold Packs that values in excess of 30 Dollars within Paid Downloadable Content. Besides, 24 Pro Madden Packs, 24 NHL Premium Gold Packs, 24 Steve stricker PGA Tour Pin Packs and an Exclusive Golf-club Set, and 24 NCAA Football All American Packs are included.

To have the gold packs, people that the first time to try out FUT will be handed a message using their first packs finishing after buying the ticket. Then more packs should come after another every seven 7days till all packs appear.

While gamers have to download FUT Packs from game store each week until seven days after every pack appears. If neglecting to download or apply those within a week, pack offering of that week will probably be useless. It has to redeem all packs if active subscription is necessary.

Moreover, ticket holders will likely be offered 20% discounts to purchase FUT 14 Packs. To get the discount successfully, gamers have to purchase the paid downloadable content in money.

Hurry up prior to the new FIFA 14 release. Otherwise the Season Ticket will expire.

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