FIFA 14 VS PES 14: advantages of choosing FIFA 14

The production date of FIFA 14 and Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins taking place across the world, which re-opens hot and great debate among fans down and up, what kind ought to choose. Next some reasons to choose FIFA 14 could be the best and final choice.

It comes with an phrase in football world that Messi is reasonably a talented player but could he do the same on the bad rainy day? PES 14 fans will say nay immediately since there is planning to no rain in the least in PES 14. It sounds as if gameplay deficiency of realism and challenges. It sounds weird that no rainy weather in England football matches.

Luckily, FIFA 14 has rainy days as available weather condition within the midway or anytime on the game.

With football stadiums, players can go through the competitive atmosphere that adheres to that in real life. PEA 14 will simply have 20 stadiums, whilst in FIFA 14, go through the whole world of football craigs list 60 stadiums, including 32 real-world venues, with new additions including La Bombonera in Buenos Aires, Argentina plus the Donbass Arena in the Ukraine, home of Shaktar Donetsk.

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