FIFA 14 Let The Game Be a little more Intelligent

Foreign media has released the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins┬átimes trailer for the latest generation of the host Fifa 14 Coins is a football game, this is actually the number of 14 films can also be compete with “live football” action game, this group of works of generation will see the obvious improvement, this generation is no exception in the game with the most intuitive images is improved upon and possesses made great progress in other methods.

Game picture to strengthen the role in the audience and USES the latest data management system to create the experience be a little more intelligent, this generation’s works from real entered again in the step, firstly embodies from the Angle from the players shot the ball, players operate the strength in the Angle distance will directly affect the road with the ball, next the player using the ball control ability become stronger all of which will complete a very clever passing fool also optimize the player’s eyes long passes, also strengthened the sense of computer game there won’t be any so-called block or run free or phenomenon, when the player is football fans don’t miss it.

Accustomed to the squad don’t have to concern yourself with virtual buttons, button operation continues to be preserved inside FIFA 14. EA Sports Ignite the future may just be on my computer platform, but have to do the main things. First, the typical PC configuration to total mark, that is to say, those who buy FIFA players to keep up with your computer. Have a new engine to adjusting and optimizing can adjust to laptop computer open architecture, the originally created for the host closed the architecture in the system design.

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