FIFA 14 Cover European Version In the Game

In mid-july, EA announced the ecu version from the journal FIFA 14 Coins¬†games cover, in the premier league tottenham hotspur club’s powerful left sided player Gareth Bale in addition to Lionel messi. However, with gareth bale is transfer rumours, people commence to guess the EA will in line with the link between a final deal to change the cover in the FIFA 14. Certainly, not in favor of on gareth bale has 100 million euro price after join Spanish giants real Madrid, EA also emergency cover made changes towards the game, now the Spanish two strongest team jersey flying from the European version in the cover on the game while doing so, it is really a great deal of English fans.

At the moment, the FIFA 14 demo has officially released earlier this week, and the official version in the game will formally in September 24 for PC, Xbox 360 elite and PS3 release, in terms of PS4, Xbox One using the PS Vita version of the listing plan even offers not yet been published. EA Canada division of Nick Channon said in a interview before next generation motherboard “FIFA14″ you will see some high-end animation picture, these can’t run using the PS3 and Xbox 360 system.

He explained: “the principle and the gap between hardware as well as the new host have stronger processor, more memory, and Ignite engine will always make full utilisation of the benefit from the experience.” “So we not able to finish before in accordance with these advantages created many of the elements. If you see the overall game inside Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins¬†Xbox 360, you will feel this can be a top notch game, in case your next generation consoles to discover it, you may scream.”

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