FIFA 14 ability Games – Advanced Shooting Legendary Guide

This is the help guide to undertake and assist you get a Legendary rating around the Advanced Shooting ability Challenge of Cheap FIFA 14 Coins. It at very low of the article shows one amongst my bakes an attempt for the capability Challenge. It wasn’t my best (I began to choke at the end), however you’ll be able to put it to use as being a reference and examine to require ideas from that.

Beating players using a ability move is value a century points, whereas a completed pass to some mate is value 190, and grading a goal is value anyplace from concerning 700 to 2000 points. which the best thanks to worst points is always to undertake and score fast goals, that has a couple of passes included, particularly once crossing is associate possibility. Don’t be tied to on attempting to beat players, like a 1-2 pass around the defender can earn you additional points, and can be considered a safer possibility.

I picked Ronaldo in the example video to the ability Challenge. You don’t will need to use him, however he has terribly high stats altogether of the necessary attributes. a lot of the foremost necessary square measure ; Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Finishing, Dribbling, Agility, Curve, Shot Power, Long Shots, Shot Power, Weak Foot and ability Moves in no specific order. In case you don’t use Ronaldo, attempt to go with a player United Nations agency has high ratings in those areas.

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