FIFA 14′s 38-Minute Video Showcases How Gameplay Improves

EA Sports has launched a whole new gameplay video that showcases a half-hour of action for his or her upcoming title, Cheap Fifa 14 Coins. The playback quality running for 38 minutes features 3 matches containing Manchester City vs Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund vs Barcelon and Manchester City vs Paris Saint-German. It features a lots of gameplay amid a great deal of chatter.

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There are essential places during which we see next-gen improving his game. The initial pertains to animation. EA roll a process named “true player motion” as part of its ignite engine, across all of its sports games.

In this particular demonstration, we now have an announcer moderating and giving us play by play descriptions of other nutritional foods happening on the watch’s screen, together with stepping into the reasoning behind the team selection, tactics, and skill sets of the gamers.

Here are a few instances throughout the game where players made the right run or doubled back in the right defensive position. While last year’s AI was a vast improvement over years past, it seems like this iteration of the game has tightened the tactics department a step forward.

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