Cheaprs4gold appear as a dragon Runescape Gold

Cheaprs4gold appear as a dragon Runescape Gold when mining divine locations
Butterflies is not going to appear over the top from the shadows from the Amlodd area

Examine around the light creatures will be fixed so it doesn’t mention muspah
Loot beams is going to be combined with shadow cores

Lord Amlodd will not keep requesting shadow cores after getting already completed his task
 Adding chance to decant 5-6 doses into vials
Stop giving golden rocks on the Motherlode Maw when the player has completed the statue or put off golden rocks

Straighten the agility course’s animations and camera movements to produce the flow from it smoother. Will likely address ‘Loading’ messages

 Books and emotes from your agility course are going to be made more widespread
 Talent scout to 4g iphone minute,  in the event player accidentally selects an obstacle
Prevent players from dropping blocking and hindering items around the agility course

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