Are you interested in the Chocobo digging in FFXI?

Because you gamers know, chocobo digging is a fun mini-game in Cheap FFXI Gil, then one that can eventually produce great profits like a lot of FFXI Gil for that digger. It requires riding around on the rented chocobo, and stopping periodically to achieve the chocobo “dig” in your yard, to attempt to find an item. Chocobo digging provides many things that are being used in crafting; at high chocobo digging skill levels, some valuable and rare items is found. There is obviously any good Red Jar furniture item that will only be obtained through chocobo digging! The zones in the above list all have items which is usually dug with chocobo digging. The following information affords the information about chocobo digging, so keep reading for more information! Listed below are the steps to play the mini-game.

First, so that you can start chocobo digging, you need to rent a chocobo! This implies an even 20+ character using a Chocobo License, which can be from the Chocobo’s Wounds quest as well as some Final Fantasy XI gil. You’ll be able to pitch in some of the zones in the list above. If you are only starting at with chocobo digging, I recommend about to one of many starter cities or one of the cities from your first expansion, for example Rabao or Kazham (but take into account the development zones are often dug up). Buy some Gysahl Greens from the merchant; if this sounds your first-time; try taking 2-5 stacks, just to see how that suits you it. Rent your chocobo and directly out.

Second, ride throughout the zone and dig, dig, dig! You can’t relax in one place and dig, since you won’t get anything (or very little). Try changing zones regularly on your 30-minute chocobo ride. It should take approximately 60 seconds through the time you zone in unless you can dig. (The specific time will fluctuate a tad, with me, and it is often off by 5 as well as 10-seconds.) Target yourself and press Enter to get in the menu, from edinburgh you’ll see the “Dig” option; use that to own your chocobo try and dig something up! You may also type /dig besides, to make your chocobo dig. Each and every time you dig, one of the Gysahl Greens will be fed on your chocobo. You are able to repeat accomplishing this until you use up all your greens, or your chocobo riding time expires. And then, you might need to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil¬†for a few supply. Macros may be useful, especially because you still need a wait time in between digging.

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