About FIFA

FIFA International soccer Federation noted by Kingdom of Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland initiative, May 21, 1904 in France, Paris, was established. The Association has 208 members, is that the Association of International Sports Federation members. operating language is English, French, Spanish and German, the language of conflict, land shall prevail. FIFA below Europe, Asia, Africa, in North America and therefore the Caribbean region, South America, Oceania, six regional organizations.
The necessary functions of FIFA Coins.
FIFA’s mission is : to push the event of soccer ; through the organization in the least levels (amateur, non-amateur, professional) competition, and different means that of development association members, officers and therefore the well disposed exchanges between players ; implementing the Federation Constitution, the Congress resolutions and rules of the sport ; against racial, political and spiritual discrimination.
FIFA’s aim is : to push international soccer campaign forward ; the event of lands friendly ties between the soccer Association. FIFA is that the highest authority of Congress, control each 2 years one . every full member has one select the overall Assembly vote. FIFA president elective¬† by the Assembly for a term of four years. Congress, by the 21-member inter-sessional government committee to exercise management rights. decision maker Committee Vice-Chairman and government Committee of the Federation below the places elect by the continent. FIFA’s government committee appointed by the daily work below the leadership of Secretary-General and therefore the Secretariat to alter. FIFA discovered below the finance, the globe Cup, amateur, referees, athletes qualified, technical, medical, journalism, publication and discipline committee. Current President Joseph S. Blatter (Switzerland).
FIFA is accountable for the 3 main games area unit : the globe Cup ; World Youth Championships ; Olympic association football tournament. Chinese soccer Association may be a member of FIFA.
Biennial Congress is that the highest authority of FIFA, the proper to work out the constitution and its implementation, approve money plans and therefore the general activities of the report, accepted the membership, election officers. Member of Associate in Nursing association with one vote, allowed to send 3 representatives.
FIFA government Committee is that the lead agency within the daily work, by the President, seven Vice-Presidents, 16 members, the Secretary-General and his deputies a complete of twenty four members.
FIFA fifteen special committees below : commission, the globe Cup Organizing Committee, Federation Cup Organizing Committee, Olympic Games Organizing Committee Cup,FIFA 14 Coins, indoor association football committee, Women’s soccer Committee, Referees Committee, the Technical Committee, Sports Council, athletes standing Committee, the Legal Affairs Committee, the safety and Justice Competition Committee, Media Committee, Ritual Committee.
FIFA secretariat consists of 3 Department : Technology Department, Ministry of Finance and Development.

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