A Realm Reborn server hardening and limited shipments

Square Enix announced its Cheap FFXI Gil: a Realm Reborn, since it was too hot along with the servers overwhelmed, Entity temporarily restrict shipments, download version was also suspended at the sale. Nowadays, will center on enhancing the creation of server, alleviating the actual lots of players not able to login.

August 27 formally launched one more Fantasy XIV, it is often universally praised many players, back then the absolute maximum concurrent players up to over 325,000 people. On the current situation, how many simultaneous online there can be further increased, the server generates enormous pressure and limits the player’s landing. So that you can relieve this example, yesterday began operating environment over a large scale enhancement, compared to the previous maximum capacity while number increased by 12 million people.

Current online situation, landing rate, play time stand, no number of words following your number about the player’s landing will have a great impression. Therefore, the expansion team as well as the operations team to strengthen the OS as a main priority. Our main priorities at the moment are purchased the sport, in order that it made ??these adjustments. Shipping restrictions and limitations will sell downloadable version from it inside our operational expansion scheduled in the future after adjustment, and ensure the players will be able to log in normally the case to review getting in touch with lift.

So that you can supply a better gaming environment, in the near future will likely conduct a big-scale operational environment Cheap FFXIV Gil. In order to improve the landing difficult phenomenon, the main society will try to expand the operation scale around.

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