A main aim of the Assist System

A main aim of the Assist System is to form exchanging things safer and scam-free, therefore it doesn’t apply here. we tend to had thought-about this once 1st making the Assist System; but, we tend to felt that some players would appreciate having this ability. Now, due to your feedback, we’ve got reassessed this call.

So, this week, we’ve got restricted the Assist System to those actions that don’t encompass gathering raw materials. associate degree thoroughgoing list are often found within the knowledge Rs Gold , . the talents that may not be used with the Assist System are: Fishing Hunter Mining Woodcutting we’ve got additionally taken the chance to form the interface smaller, permitting the split-chat to seem clearly for those players UN agency use it. Our second update is to the talents interface.

The changes area unit for the most part gathered from your suggestions, therefore thanks greatly. we tend to hope you appreciate them. you may notice the primary modification once you hover over a talent icon on the talent interface. A pop-up window can currently tell you specifically what quantity Cheap Rs 3 Gold is needed to coach to consecutive level. this protects having to figure it out, permitting longer for truly coaching that talent. Your xp tallies area unit currently separated with commas, therefore your one567993 expertise is currently 1,567,993. we expect you will agree that this can be a lot of nicer to seem at. The xp values also are even to the proper, therefore you’ll build at-a-glance comparisons quickly. boost this a faster pop-up window for your xp, and you have got a tidy very little update.

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